Cambridge - Preston games

located at Lumberjacks Axe Throwing


(Please note you may also call 519.222.0189 to book!)

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Wade's World


Party on Wade!

Party on Gurth!

In this epic adventure, you'll help cool dudes Wade and Gurth uncover the evil Benji's plan to take over their stellar TV show! 


Breakout Escapes Game

2 - 6 regular game play


TBD escape rate

- - - - -

The Grotti Grab


As part of the Corleone Crime Family, one of the "Five Families" in New York's Sicilian Mafia, you have secretly plotted to overthrow the Grotti Family. You have convinced the Grotti Family that the Corleone Family is their partner, when in reality, you plan on hitting them where it hurts - - - their bank!

Today is the day. You and your crew will break into Banca Di Grotti and steal their wealth before Grotti’s paid-off police do their inspection. Your goal is to bankrupt the Grotti Family, but can you escape before you're caught?

Breakout Escapes Game

2 - 8 regular game

Breakout Escapes Game

40% escape rate