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DeAngelo DiFrancesco, a wealthy Italian heir and pro footballer, has just been signed to your team, Romano FC. It is well known that DiFrancesco has a penchant for gambling. You recently made a bet with him and won! But he HATES having to pay up.


You’ve asked over and over for your payout, but he just keeps avoiding you. Just before practice, DiFrancesco waltzes through the locker room, showing off a large diamond. After bragging, he drops it into his locker. Now’s your chance! Break into DiFrancesco’s locker and nab your payout before he returns from his warm up!

DiFrancesco's Diamonds

2-6 Players     14% Escape Rate

Single Room


Benedict Pettywood, your English Professor, is rumoured to have spent over 60 years teaching at the Augustus Institute. 

Recently, you come across a decades-old yearbook. You find his photo and quickly realize he looked the same then as he does now — it’s like he hasn’t aged! You pull nearly every year book from the year the Institute opened, and he is in every one since the school opened in 1877.


This week, Professor Pettywood is away at a conference, so you decide to sneak into his Quarters to see what he’s hiding. His secretary will be returning from her break soon, so you must uncover his secret before she returns and finds you snooping around; which is grounds for expulsion!

Professors Quarters

2-6 Players     10% Escape Rate



Dr. Falco is an Astrophysicist who would rather look at the stars and keep his head in the clouds than be down here on Earth. He’s a well educated man, but he’s also a little bit of a twisted character. He grew up with a twin brother that really knew how to push his buttons. Years of sibling rivalry and wanting their father’s approval, and eventual fortune, has made the brothers go a little insane. You find yourself locked in his office and you have an hour to escape before he returns!

Dr. Falco's Office 

2-8 Players     35% Escape Rate



Welcome to the Queen Street Manor. The home of "Mama" Rosa Napoli, the famous Italian restauranteur of the famous franchise "Napoli". Last night, after a wonderful celebration of Mama Napoli's retirement, she was found murdered. Your team must beat the local authorities and find the killer before they arrive.

The Dining Room 

2-6 Players     10% Escape Rate